Liverano & Liverano

On a recent trip to Florence, Italy, we made a visit to the lovely atelier of Liverano & Liverano.

Liverano & Liverano is representative of the types of wonderful artisan workshops found throughout Italy.

The Liverano brand is well-regarded for men’s suitings, coats, shirts, ties, shoes, and more – ranging from RTW to made-to-measure to full bespoke. The shop is run by master tailor Antonio Liverano along with business manager Luca Giusto and store manager Takahiro Osaki.

When it comes to the Italian tradition of fine men’s clothing, Naples – home of Neapolitan tailoring – is the destination that most often comes to mind (interesting reading here, here and here). Yet in Florence, the Florentine school is alive and well, courtesy of Maestro Liverano.

The atelier itself is as classic and beautiful as Mr. Liverano’s clothing.

Here is a view into the main interior room.

The right wall features ready-to-wear shirtings.

While the left features a variety of different items. For example, here are some knits and ties.

Along with some beautiful overcoats and sportcoats.

As one moves to the rear of the store, there is a small room where fittings take place.

This room is a fabric lover’s dream as it is filled with bolt upon bolt of beautiful suiting fabric.

Even though the atelier features plenty of RTW clothing, the bulk of Liverano’s business is in made-to-measure and full bespoke.

The Liverano style is slightly different than that of other notable Neapolitan tailors. Unlike the Neapolitan shoulder, this jacket has “sloped shoulders, the seam goes back, and there are no creases in the sleeve; there is just one dart on the front, and the bottom of the jacket is rounder, matching the shoulder line.”

Here are pictures of an unfinished jacket and finished jacket.

The majority of Liverano & Liverano’s clientele is in Florence (and greater Tuscany overall), as well as Japan, where the tailor makes thrice-annual trips to Japan in partnership with the retailer United Arrows.

Unfortunately, Liverano does not travel to the United States. Still, business seems to be going well, at least judging by the below picture of bespoken cloth waiting for Maestro Liverano’s attention.

Speaking of Maestro Liverano, his workshop is on the same premises as the atelier, just behind the fitting room. Here he is, hard at work.

And here are his junior tailors, also hard at work.

Overall, the atelier is one of our favorite destinations in Florence. The clothing is gorgeous, but far more special is Liverano’s combination of old-world charm and modern-day sophistication – a mix that is uniquely Italian. Liverano & Liverano is definitely worth the visit.

Liverano & Liverano
Via Dei Fossi, 43r.
50123 Florence, Italy
Telephone: + 39 055 239 6436
Contact: Luca Giusto

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